The Arizona man seen on video shouting “JEW-S-A!” at the press over the weekend at a Donald Trump rally has been identified by local reporters. George Lindell, you’re famous:

Or shall we say famous again. Lindell went viral for his description of a car accident in 2011:

Here’s the video:

Over to you, MSM. Time to interview this clown and find out if he’s a legit supporter, an attention seeker or a plant trying to make Trump look bad.


Update: According to an interview with BuzzFeed, Lindell says we misheard him and he was actually saying USA! but with a Spanish accent:

From BuzzFeed:

“I’m around Mexican people all the time,” said Lindell, who has for years worked as a house painter in Phoenix. “I speak Spanish a lot. That’s just the way I say it.”

Lindell said he is voting for Trump, who he thinks will stand up to banks and the Federal Reserve. Lindell said that he’s concerned banks act as a shadow government and have taken power away from the American people.


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