As we told you yesterday, Michael Moore is royally pissed that Trump supporters having taken a 4-minute clip form his anti-Trump movie out of context and are sharing it as evidence of why Donald Trump will win in November.

First he tried Snopes to try and convince people that his movie really isn’t pro-Trump:

And then he posted a clip from the end of the film where he rips on Donald Trump:

Except as of the publishing of this post, the anti-Trump ending has only had 15,000+ views:


Now let’s compare that to the YouTube video of the pro-Trump portion of the film that Donald Trump shared yesterday:

Trump’s link has 800,000+ views, and counting:


And keep in mind, this doesn’t even take into account the thousands and thousands of views different copies of this video have racked up. Like this single tweet with 25,000 retweets:

Anyway, Moore will be on Bill Maher’s show tonight where we’re sure he’ll continue to make the case that he really doesn’t want Trump to get elected, even though Trump supporters love what he had to say:

As for that threat, our money is on the Secret Service figuring out a way to deal with the dual threat of a Maher–Moore roadblock.



Can’t make this up: Michael Moore is pissed that his anti-Trump movie might help elect Donald Trump; Updated