Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg have a new piece out today for Bloomberg Politics that sure to make a few waves today.

For the article, Green and Issenberg were given access to the Trump campaign’s data operation, which has been likened to a “political death star”:

This is actually a startling level of access, right? Especially with “12 days to go.” This seems like Trump has allowed Dems to see his actual playbook and what he’s going to do in these final days:

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has emerged as a huge player in all of this:

But Trump knows he’s behind:

Team Trump does see a path to victory, however, with targeted negative ads:

This is the quote we’ll be hearing on every cable network today: “We have three major voter-suppression operations under way”:

The campaign intends to use targeted Facebook ads to reach these folks, and by their own words, suppress the vote:

Green and Issenberg go on to speculate on the future of Trump TV, arguing that what the Trump campaign has built fits perfectly into a new media launch of some sort:

Trump TV is being compared to a U.S version of Britain’s UKIP party:

According to the article, the idea for Trump TV started as a sort of threat to Roger Ailes because of what Trump thought was negative coverage, but it’s morphed into something more realistic:

Here’s the kicker — The RNC helped build it: