Remember that WSJ story we told you about on Sunday that reported on a Gov. Terry McAuliffe super PAC that donated to the wife of a senior FBI official who just happened to take over Hillary Clinton’s email investigation?

Yeah … it just got a whole lot worse. Apparently Hillary Clinton herself was the one who raised the money for the super PAC that set off this entire chain of events in the first place! Alana Goodman of the Daily Mail reports:

Not only that, but Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook used to work for the McAuliffe’s super PAC:

Virginia election records show that Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook, a former McAuliffe aide, was also on the Common Good VA payroll before he joined her presidential campaign

Another coincidence?

But will it matter before election day?

An is there any response from team Clinton or Robby Mook?