A few days ago, President Obama accidentally punched himself in the face when he compared Obamacare to the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cellphone that keeps blowing up…

…his point was, well, we’re not entirely sure because Obamacare premiums are exploding:

“When one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone and it had a few bugs, what do they do?  They fix it. They upgrade, unless it catches fire. Then they pull it off the market,” he said. “But you don’t go back to using a rotary phone. You don’t say, well, we’re repealing smartphones.”

Doesn’t that mean we should pull Obamacare off the market?

Anyway, here’s Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint twisting the knife so to speak:

Exactly! Time to use President Obama’s example against him: Obamacare was supposed to work one way, but now it’s setting fire to taxpayers. Time for a recall!