Donald Trump just wrapped up an early morning event at his Doral resort in Miami with the hope of putting the focus of the campaign on Obamacare, but he ended up giving the media an opportunity to hit him instead.

First up, the event started out as an infomercial of sorts for the Trump owned property, which the MSM noted:

Even the resort’s general manager agreed that this wasn’t a real campaign event:

Trump ended up bringing some of the resort’s employees up on stage to sing his praises:

And he bashed the media for how they’re covering his campaign:

Now here’s where Trump got himself into trouble as he then said his employees are having trouble with Obamacare:

But the Doral’s general manager says this isn’t the case:

So now the press is covering Obamacare, but in a way to embarrass Trump:

Trump then did a phoner with Fox News where he said his companies don’t use Obamacare:

Donald Trump has two rallies today in Florida, but then heads to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for a ribbon cutting on his new hotel: