Buy now you’ve heard that adult film star Jessica Drake has become the 11th woman to accuse Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, but did you see what she wore to her press conference?

Drake — who works for the adult film company Wicked Pictures — sported a necklace with her employer’s name on it. Check it out:

If Drake wanted to avoid any insinuation that she was trying to profit off of her accusation, that’s not really the way to do it, right?

And before you get mad at us for pointing out her necklace, we’re so old we remember when necklaces were important. Remember this freak out?

Anyway, Brit Hume had issues with her story, too:

Many criticizied the Fox News star over that tweet, prompting this clarification:

People didn’t like the second tweet either:

Drake accused The Donald of offering $10,000 and a ride on his plane if she would “come back upstairs to [his] suite”:

Ten years ago, I was working for Wicked Pictures, an adult film company, at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. I was at Wicked’s booth when I met Donald Trump in the celebrity gift room early in the morning before he teed off. He flirted with me and invited me to walk along the golf course with him, which I did. During that time, he asked me for my phone number, which I gave to him. Later that evening, he invited me to his room. I said I didn’t feel right going alone, so two other women came with me. In the penthouse suite, I met Donald again. When we entered the room, he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. He was wearing pajamas. A bodyguard was also present. He asked me about my job as an adult film star, about details on shooting porn, and he asked us about our personal relationships and whether we were married or single. We answered his questions. It felt like an interview. About 30 or 45 minutes later, we left his room. After I returned to my room, I received a call from a man calling on Donald’s behalf. He said Donald wanted me to come back upstairs to Donald’s suite. I indicated I did not wish to return. Then Donald called. He asked me to return to his suite and have dinner with him. He also invited me to a party. I declined. Donald then asked me, ‘What do you want? How much?’ I told him I couldn’t, because I had to return to LA for work. I said that as an excuse, because I didn’t want him to continue asking me and I didn’t want to be with him. After that I received another call from either Donald or another man calling on his behalf offering me $10,000. I declined again and I once more gave as an excuse that I had to return to Los Angeles for work. I was then told that Mr. Trump would give me the use of his private jet if I would only accept his invitation.

The Trump campaign released a statement calling the story “false and ridiculous”: