Donald Trump tweeted Sunday night that the latest poll from ABC News/Washington Post found that “Hillary Clinton is down 11 points with WOMEN VOTERS and the election is close at 47-43”:

Reporters pounced on this as the poll shows Hillary up by 8 with women in a four-way race, 7 in a head-to-head contest.

Some examples.

ABC News’ Ryan Struyk:

Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Fiscus:

Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke:

NBC News and MSNBC reporter Benjy Sarlin:

You get the point. Now here’s what Donald Trump probably meant by that tweet, via @YouGovUS‘s Will Jordan. The margin of Hillary Clinton lead with women has fallen by 11 points since the last poll:

Here’s the excerpt from the poll write-up ABC News’s website:

So he’s telling the truth? We’re sure apologies with be forthcoming, right?