Editor’s Note: See update below for video.

An alleged sexual assault victim accused Donald Trump campaign surrogate Omarosa Manigault of being insensitive to her questions in a now viral video from TV news anchor Christa Dubill of NBC affiliate KSHB in Kansas City.

In the video, the unidentified woman told Dubill that she was looking to question a Trump surrogate (identified at the end of the video as Omarosa) and ask how she could support a man that “makes comments that embody rape culture.” According to the woman, Omarosa blew her off and told her there were resources available for victims and that’s what sent her crying to the bathroom


Omarosa has since taken to Twitter to defend herself, calling the woman in the video a “FAKE” and saying it’s a “Slanderous story!!”:

Omarosa went on to question the narrative that Dubill just “happened” upon the crying victim in the bathroom:

Omarosa accused the woman of being an actress who was paid for the stunt:

We’ll update this post if/when Dubill responds to the allegations that the story was faked.

Of note, at some point yesterday Omarosa make her Twitter account private, but as of now it’s back to being public:

Update. Apparently the original exchange was caught on video. As you can see, Omarosa didn’t do or say anything to make this woman cry: