This post is a little all over the place, but bear with us. (TL;DR: Mark Cuban is a hypocrite)…

Earlier on Sunday, Hollywood writer and producer Chris Nee (“Blues Clues,” “Doc McStuffins”) floated a rumor that unaired footage from “The Apprentice” included Donald Trump saying the “N word”:

Mind you, this was just a rumor and she never worked on the show:

This rumor, however, set off a flurry of activity in an attempt to find out why NBC — which controlled the “Access Hollywood” hot mic audio and video — hasn’t nuked Donald Trump with this footage as well. Well, the reason is because NBC doesn’t own it … Mark Burnett, executive producer of “The Apprentice,” does:

And Burnett told BuzzFeed that he’ll sue anyone who leaks it:

This brings us back to Nee who has been pestering billionaire Hillary Clinton supporter Mark Cuban to pay the legal fees of anyone who does leak damaging footage from the show:

Other liberals want Cuban to get involved, too:

But this is a problem because Mark Cuban is actually working with Burnett on the show “Shark Tank”:

And Cuban told BuzzFeed that Burnett “can make his own decisions”:

And now for Cuban’s hypocrisy…

On Saturday, Cuban tweeted that employees of Trump’s various companies should resign to protest what their boss said on that leaked video from “Access Hollywood”:

Got that? Regular working Joes and Jills who need a paycheck to live month-to-month, they should quit. But billionaire Mark Cuban won’t get involved in Burnett’s decision to keep “The Apprentice” footage hidden? Why doesn’t Cuban resign or threaten to resign if Burnett doesn’t release the tapes?

Tune in later tonight to see if this makes it into the debate (we assume it will):