There’s a photograph making the rounds allegedly of a female Trump supporter who was beaten on camera by supporters of Hillary Clinton. The photo, however, is actually the mugshot of a Tampa, Fla. woman arrested for a DUI in 2013.

First up, here’s the photo and tweet linking the woman to Trump:

Dilbert creator Scott Adams then retweeted the photo and post with a comment that “Clinton has persuaded the public that violence against Trump supporters is morally justified”:

He may be correct. But when confronted with the hoax, Adams doubled-down and asked, “does it matter” that this photo isn’t real?

Actually, the video he’s referring to does show a fight but it’s not clear that the person in the video was a Trump supporter or that it was censored by YouTube. For what it’s worth, there are two thugs in a car who do chant “f*** Donald Trump” later in the clip, but that doesn’t back up the narrative in the tweet.



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