If you’ve been on Twitter over the past few days, you’ve probably heard the conspiracy theory that suggests a “mystery man” seen meeting with Hillary Clinton before the debate and with Lester Holt after the debate on Monday had somehow helped the Democratic nominee cheat her way to success.

This video, for example, has been making the rounds suggesting Clinton had the questions beforehand, thanks to the “mystery man”:

Well, now we know who he is. His name is Brady C. Williamson and he’s a long-time Democratic operative who specializes in debate negotiations. According to Brit Hume and Ed Henry, he’s been working with Hillary Clinton to help prepare for the debates in both the primaries and now the general election.

Hume and Henry had a little fun with it all in the segment, not only identifying Williamson but also debunking a few of the other conspiracy theories that have popped up since Monday. Have a look:

Case closed … until the next debate, that is.