This video of Donald Trump and Miss Universe Alicia Machado popped up in our timeline and it’s supposed to show how awful the GOP nominee treated Machado after she gained weight following her win.

But it doesn’t really show that. At. All.

First of all, it starts off with Trump making fun of himself and what little exercise he does:

“I work out on occasion. As little as possible.”

Trump then compliments her on her looks:

“I felt that Alicia was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

Trump went on to explain that her weight gain was tied to “pressure,” and again, the GOP nominee takes a shot at his own eating habits in the process:

“She had tremendous pressure put on her with the win. and some people when they have pressure don’t eat, and some people when they have pressure eat too much, like me, but like Alicia.

And here’s the best part. Not only is Machado laughing and smiling throughout, but she flashes a huge smile and a thumb’s up at the 2:35 mark when Trump starts making fun of the reporters for being overweight:

If Trump is such a monster, why is she giggling like that?