Breaking news out of the Netherlands where investigators announced this morning that a Russian made BUK missile fire from an area of Ukraine under control of pro-Russian rebels at the time shot down Malaysian Airlines flight number MH17 in July 2014:

Russian media outlet RT live-tweeted the presentation by prosecutors (and it’s actually a fair account of what happened at the press conference):

Evidence suggest the missile struck the plane’s cockpit:

Investigators reported that soil samples and telecom data indicated Pervomaiskiy was under control of pro-Russian rebels at the time of the launch:

And people saw the missile system in the area:

The missile launcher was then reportedly moved back to Russia, again with photographic evidence:

The next step is that prosecutors will attempt to identify the person or persons responsible:

The team is asking for help in identifying two individuals heard on intercepted communications:

The JIT is specifically looking for more information concerning the following people:

Person 1:
Alias: Orion (callsign)
First name: Andrey Ivanovich

Person 2:
Alias: Delfin (callsign)
First name: Nikolay Fiodorovich

The JIT has several wire tapped conversations in which these people participate. The JIT provides you with a sample of the audio files in English and Russian, from a selection of these conversations. The JIT stresses that there is no evidence that these calls are directly related to the shooting down of MH17.

However, Russia allegedly has new radar data it wants to submit for review: