Ajamu Baraka, Jill Stein’s running mate on the Green party ticket, thinks it’s time that a new international commision is set up to oversee the police in the United States:

He writes:

Many people in the U.S. recognize that the criminal justice system is broken and that it will not fix itself. In other countries around the world, the U.S. supports international oversight mechanisms to end impunity and increase accountability. For example, the U.S. has provided the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala with millions of dollars in order to strengthen Guatemala’s judicial system and prosecute criminals, regardless of whether or not they are state officials.

It is long past time to invite a similar commission to the United States. This has been a central demand of black social movements for more than 50 years, and today it is more relevant than ever. We are in the midst of a human rights crisis, and the Obama administration has been unable to make black lives matter to representatives of the state. They are killing us, and we need international oversight in order to reign in state-sponsored violence against civilians throughout the U.S. Applying the same international human rights standards to the U.S. that the government expects of other nations has been a central theme of my work for the last three decades, and will be at the top of the priority list for a Green Party administration.

Yeah, this might not go over real well…

Just a few. And then there’s this:

And in international commission means the UN. Since the UN is doing such a bang-up job in places like Sudan and Syria, sure … invite them in!



Ok, she IS mental. Jill Stein doubles down on crazy