Glenn Reynolds took to his blog over at PJ Media to respond to his Twitter suspension. The money line:

Reynolds goes on to say that he still has no idea why he was suspended because Twitter didn’t tell him:

Meanwhile, regarding Twitter: I don’t even know that this is why I was suspended, as I’ve heard nothing from Twitter at all. They tell users and investors that they don’t censor, but they seem awfully quick to suspend people on one side of the debate and, as people over at Twitchy note, awfully tolerant of outright threats on the other.

Twitter can do without me, as I can certainly do without Twitter.

He also noted that he’s been a vocal advocate for greater police accountability for years:

I’ve always been a supporter of free speech and peaceful protest. I fully support people protesting police actions, and I’ve been writing in support of greater accountability for police for years.

It’s assumed the suspension was over this “run them down” tweet:


Reynolds went on Hugh Hewitt’s program to explain what he really meant by it:



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