As we told you last night, Donald Trump Jr. is under fire for his tweet comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles (yes, the delicious candy). Here it is again in case you missed it:

And today liberals are fighting back — with math! — to explain to Americans why Trump Jr. is wrong. For example, here’s Judd Legum of Thing Progress who says the bowl has 784,000 Skittles in it and none are dangerous:

784,000? Pfft. How about some bigger numbers, like in the billions? We’ll be seeing this one a lot we predict:

This number is from a Cato Institute study. Here’s Philip Bump of the Washington Post talking about it on CNN this morning:

But these numbers just aren’t believable, especially since we have two examples from this weekend alone that bust the narrative:

Exactly. Ahmad Khan Rahami came to this country as a 9-year-old and then became radicalized:

And as we told you on Sunday, the suspect in the Minnesota mall attack came to America when he was 12:

Of course there’s an immigration angle to all of this and to pretend that there isn’t is one of the major reasons Donald Trump is as popular as he is. It’s also the reason why Hillary Clinton herself has called for a better system to screen the Skittles so to speak:

Refugees have committed terrorist attack in this country and Hillary Clinton wants tougher vetting of refugees. So,why is Donald Trump Jr. wrong?