Wow, this is powerful.

Today was POW/MIA recognition day to honor and remember those who have served our country and were taken prisoner as well as the “83,000+ American Servicemembers still missing from WWII to present day.” CSPAN shared this brief clip of former POW Jerry Coffee who spoke of the codes he and other prisoners would tap to each other to keep their spirits up.

Coffee told how prisoners would tap “G.B.” — “God Bless” to each other, which also meant, “be tough, hang in there. I’m praying for you.”

“At the end of every day, we’d sign off and say good night. G.N. for good night,” Coffee tapped out on the podium. Coffee then tapped out more letters, adding, “G.B.A. God Bless America. Every. Single. Night.”


Never forget.

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