Donald Trump isn’t taking getting shut down by a pastor in Flint, Mich. on Wednesday very well. The GOP nominee, speaking with Fox & Friends Thursday morning called her a “nervous mess” and suggested she was taking marching orders from the media:

Update. According to Pastor Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church, Trump’s campaign told her that he was just stopping by and wouldn’t be making a speech. Via Facebook:

Thank you, Dr. Valerie Cooper. We say we have open hearts, open doors and open minds – however, his campaign claimed he was swinging by and stepping through only to greet the volunteers, when it went further than that I had no choice.

Update 2. “This is God’s house, not my house”:

Update 3:

ICYMI, here’s Pastor Timmons interrupting Trump yesterday when he tried to go after Hillary Clinton:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with commentary from Pastor Timmons.