You’ve probably heard by now that Donald Trump used $20,000 in money from his charitable foundation to buy a 6-foot-tall painting of himself. Sounds bad, right?

So, where did the “$20,000 earmarked for charitable purposes” end up? Is Trump busted?

Err, no. Not even close. The $20,000 ended up with the charity, right where it was supposed to:

Got that? Donald Trump’s foundation gives money to charities. Here’s the check to prove Donald Trump’s foundation gave $20,000 to the charity. What’s the problem?

The Washington Post, which broke this nothingburger of a story, has been on a quest to find the elusive painting, possibly tracking it to Trump golf course in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.:

But they wouldn’t let the reporter in:

The Post argues that the painting, if it’s hung on the wall at the golf course, violates IRS rules, and that’s why it’s a big deal:

If the painting is still hanging in the club, “it’s on display, in his business enterprise. It’s not on display in a charitable enterprise. It is arguably enhancing the experience of playing golf there,” said Marc Owens, the former director of the IRS division overseeing tax-exempt enterprises. “It’s not a charitable use. It is a noncharitable use.”

That’s all they got? Of all the things to focus on, this is incredibly stupid. Move on, guys.


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