The U.S. Secret Service has issued a “FACT CHECK” — it’s in all caps so you know it’s serious — on the conduct of its agents during Hillary Clinton’s health scare on Sunday:

These tweets might be in response to a report in the Washington Post questioning if the U.S.S.S. was prepared for her “early departure”:

From the Post:

A former Secret Service agent said that the detail’s movements show they had not planned for her to leave that early and had to make some rushed security plans on the fly. Clinton’s van was not in place when she arrived at the curb, and her detail leader, who normally sticks by her side at all times, had to leave her momentarily to open the door of her van.

OK, but what about the decision to take Clinton to her daughter’s apartment and not the ER? Who made that call???

And, if anything, the video shows that the agents were prepared for this. There’s no panic or sense of urgency at all … almost as if this happened before…

Nope, this story isn’t going away anytime soon.