Now that Hillary Clinton has blamed her collapse at the 9/11 memorial today on complications from pneumonia — which she kept hidden from America — here are 10 of the hottest hot-takes we’ve seen so far helping to spin for the Democratic nominee.

1. Variety’s Kristopher Tapley thinks it will make her eventual win “awesome”:

2. Upworthy’s Parke Molloy thinks it’s OK she kept it a secret:

3. Former Al Jazeera host Wajahat Ali blames the “right wing”:

4. Feminist Laurenn McCubbin wants her to infect Donald Trump:

5. Comedian Sara Benincasa thinks it’s the consequence of being a “busy” woman:

6. Actor James Morrison thinks it’s no big deal:

7. Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar thinks it’s a “witch hunt”:

8. Jet’s Raymond Sultan plays the Hitler card:

9. Journalism professor Dan Kennedy blames the media:

10. And our favorite is from Business Insider’s Josh Barro — it’s “humanizing”!



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