What the hell is wrong with people?

Bullies allegedly at Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska stole a deaf student’s backpack at lunch and then threw all the belongings, including a tablet and debit card, in the toilet. The photo went viral after it was posted to social media:

Thankfully most students at the school aren’t complete scum:

The school principal says the deaf student, Alex Hernandez, wasn’t specifically targeted:

“The students who stole the backpack were unaware of the contents of the backpack or that the owner of the backpack was hard of hearing,” Burke High Principal Steven Scraggs wrote in a letter that went home to parents Tuesday. “The backpack was the target, not the student.”

The two students who stole the backpack and left it in the bathroom have been disciplined in accordance with the Omaha Public Schools’ student conduct code, Scraggs said.

Alex, however, is afraid to return to class regardless: