Meet Mia Khalifa, adult film star and huge FSU fan. She posted this pic yesterday while watching the Seminoles take on Ole Miss:d

FSU ended up coming from behind to win the game, but it wasn’t looking good early for the ‘Noles:

But like we said, FSU did win:


But it gets worse for losing Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly. After the loss, Mia posted an alleged DM she received from Kelly asking the adult film star to follow him on SnapChat.

“Shoulda spent more time in your playbook and less time in my DM’s,” she wrote after the win, twisting the FSU spear:

LOL. He then deleted his Twitter account:

Kelly ended the game with  313 yards passing, four touchdowns, three interceptions and a fumble. Maybe Mia was right and he should’ve spent more time worrying about the game and less time trying to get the attention of an adult film star.