There’s been much mocking of Hillary Clinton over the weekend as new information released by the FBI showed that the former Secretary of State allegedly didn’t know that the “C” on her emails stood for “confidential.” She told the FBI she thought that the letter had something to do with alphabetical order:

That’s just not believable, as Donald Trump rightly pointed out on Twitter Sunday night — or tried to, at least:

Actually, no. “CLASSIFIED” and “CONFIDENTIAL” are two different things:

But here’s where it gets funny. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy weighed in on Trump’s C-word ignorance:

OK, but which one is he talking about, Hillary or Trump? Because NEITHER of them knew what the “C” means. And if we’re judging on a curve, Trump was much closer:

There’s another possibility, however. If Sen. Murphy thinks Hillary knew what the “C” stood for, that means she lied to the FBI:

Yeah … Sen. Murphy really didn’t think this one through.