Meet C2-B5, a new character for the upcoming Star Wars prequel film “Rogue One.” Like R2-D2, it’s an astromech droid but there just one difference … C2-B5 works for the Empire…

And here come the race baiters who note that the “evil R2” just happens to be black:

Did Star Wars really think libs wouldn’t go there?

Or maybe this isn’t a race issue at all and Darth Vader was simply lonely and wanted a droid to match his outfit?

Others speculated that maybe this was just R2 going through a goth or emo phase:

Maybe the next R2 will be available in Rose Gold?


Keep in mind, we don’t know if C2-B5 is evil at all. In this official “Star Wars Show” video (fast fwd. to about 2:10), we learn that Imperial astromech droids are subjected to “frequent memory wipes” to keep them subservient:

Our prediction? He’s the hero of the film.