A diaper-wearing monkey was captured on video after it reportedly got loose in a parking lot in Lancaster, Ohio over the weekend and briefly scuffled with a Walmart employee.

The now viral video, uploaded by Facebook user Richelle Stewart, opens with the monkey and the Walmart employee battling it out at a shopping cart corral:


The reported owner of the monkey is then seen berating the employee for fighting with her companion, because — duh! — Walmart employees are totally trained to deal with monkeys in the parking lot and this guy should know better:


The lady then leaves with the angry simian in tow, with the bewildered Walmart worker wondering what the hell just happened:


Here’s the full video:

According to KSN TV, the worker wasn’t injured but there is an ongoing investigation to see if the monkey is registered:

A spokesperson for Walmart said the employee was not bitten. The retailer says the monkey escaped from the camper, and the employee grabbed the monkey’s leash and returned the monkey to the owner. Walmart said the owner was “grateful.”

The Department of Agriculture is now trying to track down the woman. It is concerned that if the woman is a resident of Ohio, the monkey may not registered.