Meet Emma Wiley, a 19-year-old student at Salem State University in Massachusetts who allegedly bit a chunk out of the ear off of a female police officer after getting arrested outside of a bar early on the morning of August 7:

More from “The Smoking Gun“:

The 19-year-old collegian allegedly bit off the ear of a female cop who was trying to get her into a police cruiser following a brawl early Sunday outside a Massachusetts bar.

According to a Salem Police Department report, officers responding to a 911 call about a fight in progress found Wileytangling with another woman as a crowd of more than 100 people milled about.

Wiley, cops noted, had a fist full of the other combatant’s hair and was trying to throw her foe to the ground. Pictured at right, Wiley was also “screaming uncontrollably.”

After officers separated the pair and began escorting Wiley to a squad car, the teenager–who studies criminal justice at Salem State University–yelled, “I’ll fucking kill you all. Don’t fucking touch me!”

As police struggled to get Wiley inside a cruiser, she lunged at the face of Officer Jessica Rondinelli, a rookie cop who has been on the job barely a month. Wiley, cops charge, “grabbed a hold of Officer Rondinelli’s right ear in her teeth and refused to let go.”  Rondinelli yelled, “She has my ear!”

The officer is recovering, but doctors were not able to reattach the ear and the rookie police officer will need plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Needless to say, Wiley is facing a variety of charges for the crime:

Ironically, Wiley was studying criminal justice in college:

Maybe she didn’t get to the chapter in the book yet about not trying to eat a cop?