Apparently transgender model and YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous has lived in a cave since birth and just found out that the Middle East isn’t exactly LGBT friendly.

According to her posts on Instagram, the 22-year-old Canadian was detained for 5 hours in Dubai once the border agents discovered she was transgender:

She’s also finds it “disappointing that such a beautiful city has such a backwards way of thinking”:

Since she’s a professional YouTuber, she added a video of her ordeal:

Homosexuality is — duh! — a crime in Dubai and gay travelers are warned to take precautions. From USA Today:

Gay and lesbian travelers, both singles and couples, should be aware that Dubai’s gay scene is largely underground, as homosexuality is viewed as a crime, and the city’s Criminal Investigation Division exerts considerable effort to seek out same-sex events and arrest participants. As such, gay and lesbian travelers should take appropriate precautions.

She’s lucky they just detained her.