Hugh Hewitt interviewed Donald Trump this morning on his radio program and they discussed potential debate moderators. Trump was pretty noncommittal on names like Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper, but there was one person that’s definitely a no: our former Hot Air colleague Mary Katharine Ham.

Transcript here:

HH: Mary Katharine Ham, very fair to you.

DT: I’ve never gotten along with her, no.

HH: With Mary Katharine?

DT: Never gotten along.

HH: Oh, well, we’ll have to check in on that. Okay.

DT: No, she is not a fan of mine, and I’ve never gotten along with her. So that…

HH: Okay, I’ll ask her about that.

DT: I don’t know her. I don’t know her, but she says only bad things, so let’s cross her name off.

HH: Okay.

DT: No, I do not, I do not.


Flashback. MKH did moderate a GOP debate back in February and was a “total pro.” Watch: