A man with a gun was arrested Tuesday night at Trump Tower after a scuffle of some sort with Secret Service officers, prompting some concerns that he might have been a threat to Donald Trump.

Er, not exactly.

According to today’s New York Daily News the man, Anthony Shark, is a retired NYPD officer and is licensed to carry the gun for his job as a security job at a jewelry store across the street. Shark was apparently drunk and angry that the Secret Service was blocking his way, which is what led to the scuffle:

The judge in the case released Stark on his own recognizance with a promise to keep away from Trump Tower and the Secret Service:

Shark was released on his own recognizance and allowed to keep his gun for his job. Federal prosecutors wanted him banned from the block, but Moses instead told him to stay out of Trump Tower.

“Can I trust you to stay away from the Secret Service?” she asked before issuing her decision.

“Yes,” he replied.

Now comes the attempt to politicize it…

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Narrative busted.