This is getting ridiculous. Does Shaun King not click on the links he posts?

Here’s his latest on the death of Korryn Gaines in Baltimore:

Click. The. Link.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Officers initially went to the home to serve warrants on Gaines and her boyfriend, Kareem Kiean Courtney, 39, in separate cases. According to the newly released court documents, two officers arrived at the Carriage Hill Apartments on Sulky Court about 9:10 a.m. to serve Gaines and Courtney with those warrants.

No one answered when the officers knocked and announced they were police, but they could hear someone cough inside, the documents state. An officer continued to knock for about 10 minutes.

“During that time further movement could be heard inside the location and a small child was heard crying,” states the warrant, which was issued Monday. Two officers went to the rental office to ask for a key.

But after using the key, officers still could not open the door because of an interior chain lock, the warrant states. Officers could see a woman sitting on the floor and asked her to come to the door, but she refused.

One officer then “kicked the door forcing the door open” and another entered the apartment and saw the woman, later identified as Gaines, holding a shotgun, the warrant states. She pointed the shotgun at an officer and told them to leave, police wrote in the documents. The officer left and called for backup.

So the cops did enter the apartment with a key?

King also think he knows police tactics better than the responding officers who had a shotgun pointed at them while a woman used a child as a shield:

Any real police officers want to weigh in?

Update. Asked and answered!

Here’s retired police officer John Cardillo, host of the “John Cardillo Show” radio show on our parent company’s @880thebiz in the Miami, with an answer to Shaun King:

That might explain it.



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