A Zaxby’s fast-food franchise in Shelby, NC is investigating after a report that deputies from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department were allegedly taunted and served tainted food by workers.

According to the wife of one of the deputies, cooks added the chain’s extra-spicy hot sauce — listed as “insane” on the menu — to their order, rendering it not “fit to eat”:

“Then, as they sat down to eat their food, my husband realized [they] had put the hottest sauce possible on [his] wings – to the point where his food wasn’t even fit to eat,” she continued.

WBTV spoke to the deputy, who asked that his name not be used. He said the incident happened Sunday afternoon.

Captain Shores from the department called the extra-spicy tampering “unacceptable” and lamented how the profession was no longer “respected” or “honored”:

Your move, Zaxby’s: