Remember last year when everyone was discussing whether or not the scene in “Game of Thrones” depicting Sansa Stark’s brutal wedding night with Ramsay Bolton was a little too much? Some examples from back then:

Even Senator Claire McCaskill announced that she would boycott the show, too, over the scene:

And the feminist pop-culture blog “The Mary Sue” went as far as to refuse to actively promote the show, which would hit them in the pocketbook as they’re a site dedicated to writing about things like “Game of Thrones”:

Well, the boycott ended this week — although they say it didn’t — with this “roundtable discussion” of the season finale:

You’d think that Sansa’s revenge this season — literally feeding her rapist to the dogs — would be enough to overturn their policy, heh?

And the fact that Season 6 was a pretty good year overall for the ladies of Westeros, which “The Mary Sue” totally missed out on:

So, to recap…

Sansa Stark is alive and well at Winterfell. Jon Snow is the King in the North, thanks to Lady Mormont. Arya Stark is now an assassin. The Sand Snakes of Dorne are in charge and colluding with Olenna Tyrell. Cersei Lannister sits on the Iron Throne. And Daenerys Targaryen has set sail for Westeros, setting up an epic fight with Cersei in Season 7.

Feminists should be happier, no?