No … just no:

Their conclusion (emphasis ours):

Researchers noticed a more subdued effect among boys. Those with higher princess exposure were less likely to shun “girlie” things for toy guns. They exhibited more balanced interests, which Coyne predicted will help them relate to others down the road. They also displayed more “prosocial behavior” at home and in the classroom, she said. Boys who watched movies such as “Frozen” or “Cinderella” were more likely to help out at school or share toys.

“Princess media and engagement may provide important models of femininity to young boys, who are typically exposed to hypermasculine media,” the researchers wrote. “It may be that boys who engage more with Disney Princesses, while simultaneously being exposed to more androgynous Disney princes, demonstrate more androgyny in early childhood, a trait that has benefits for development throughout the life span.”

We’re doomed.