A story is making the rounds accusing Twitchy favorite Mike Rowe’s foundation of misogyny after a high school girl was allegedly stripped of her title in a masonry competition in favor of the “third-place boy.”

From Raw Story:

Admittedly, that title does sound band, but you won’t be too surprised to learn that Raw Story has their facts wrong.

Mike Rowe took to Facebook to answer a letter from a woman who had read the story and asked his foundation to do right by the girl who lost her title. In short, Rowe explains that a clerical error led to the girl’s victory — not misogyny — and the “third-place boy” was the actual winner. Rather than reward the girl for not winning, which is what Rowe’s correspondent suggests, his awesome, old-school advice for the young girl is, “…to return the Gold Medal at once, along with her sincere thanks for the opportunity to compete, her heartfelt congratulations to the actual winner, and her steadfast resolve to come back next year and kick some serious ass.”


Here’s the post in its entirety, which is well worth the read:





And you can read more about the The mikeroweworksFoundation and all the good work they do for boys and girls here.



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