On June 20, Mike Rowe posted a letter to Facebook from a woman named Donna who attempted to shame the host of “Dirty Jobs” over his lack of military service.

Donna writes:

“Mr. Rowe, I was impressed by some of the things you’ve done in your life but that came to an end when I discovered that you apparently never volunteered to serve in your country’s military. Why is that?”


Rowe, however, was refreshingly honest in his reply, admitting “I put myself before my country, and pretty much everything else” and “the honest answer is because I was selfish.”

We wonder if that’s this was the response Donna was expecting (probably not).

You can read the entire post here:


Commenters were quick to offer their support with a healthy does of criticism directed at Donna over her snarky complaint.

Some highlights:

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Well said, everyone.



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