Prosecutors in the trial of Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson over the death of Freddie Gray had a rough time yesterday as the state’s star witness reportedly “crumbled” under cross examination. From the Guardian:

Prosecutors seeking murder charges over Freddie Gray’s death rested their case against Caesar Goodson on Wednesday with an expert witness who crumbled under cross examination. His testimony was the latest of several blows in the trial that experts say is prosecutors’ best shot at getting a conviction for Gray’s death.

After failing to win in the first two trials, the case against Caesar Goodson is especially important for Marilyn Mosby, the embattled state’s attorney.

On the witness stand for the prosecution was former police commander Stanford O’Neill Franklin, who was supposed to testify that Goodson — who was the driver of the van — had given Gray a “rough ride,” leading to his death.

Franklin, however, couldn’t confirm that a “rough ride” happened at all:

Franklin went on to say that his only knowledge of “rough rides” was from stories:

Then Franklin revealed he had once been charged with giving a “rough ride” himself, but did nothing about it:

Franklin also said it’s possible for prisoners to unbuckle themselves and that seat belts don’t make a prisoner secure:

And then his testimony got worse when the expert on police procedures showed a complete lack of knowledge of police procedures:

The defense called for an immediate acquittal of officer Goodson:

But the judge denied the request Thursday morning and court is back in session: