At his rally Tuesday night in Greensboro, N.C., Donald Trump, seemed to suggest that U.S. soldiers in charge of distributing cash during the Iraq war had stolen the money and were “living very well right now, whoever they may be”:

Here’s the video, although it’s not clear if he’s talking about Iraqi or U.S. soldiers:

The Trump campaign insists he meant Iraqi soldiers (but why would U.S. soldiers hand cash over to Iraqi soldiers?):

Trump has made similar comments in the past about cash distributions in Afghanistan:

Anyway, what Trump said — although jarring — does have some basis in fact. There were allegations that some U.S. soldiers and officers were stealing money earmarked for Iraqi rebuilding:

Via James Risen, “the stealing in Iraq reached epic proportions”:

And from the Chicago Tribune in 2009:

Army officer who oversaw Iraq cash accused of stealing more than $690,000
Capt. Michael Nguyen allegedly mailed home boxes stacked with cash

Trump supporters are claiming victory, no matter which version is true!

We gather we’ll be hearing more about it today: