Today’s terror attack has affected liberal Tommy Christoper of Mediaite in what seems like the most unexpected way — an endorsement of Donald Trump’s temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.:

He writes:

As a liberal, it’s hard for me to admit that maybe I’ve been wrong in supporting the sorts of half-measures that allowed this atrocity to take place, but freedom is important to me. But our weak-willed politicians have failed to keep us safe from these people, unwilling even to find a better way to vet them, let alone to keep the most dangerous ones from slipping through. I’ve heard all of the arguments before, that not all of them are killers, but all of the killers seem to be them. Meanwhile, we have a president who refuses to even identify them by name.

Except, it’s satire and all the links in his piece go to articles that would expose it as such. Christopher explains over on The Daily Banter:

So, I wrote a piece of completely deadpan satire at Mediaite Sunday morning to the effect that maybe a temporary ban on “these people” isn’t such a bad idea. It was similar to the one I wrote after the San Bernardino shooting, except this time, I embedded the punchline only in the links, which make clear I’m talking about Radical Gun Ownership.

I did it that way because satirical misdirection completely loses its effectiveness when you hang a lantern on it. The punchline isn’t in the piece, it’s in the dipshit conservatives retweeting and agreeing with me when I say we should temporarily ban all gun ownership until we can figure out how to reduce gun violence.

He is taking some heat for it, however, from liberals who didn’t get it:

Apparently not many are getting the joke:

Too late, we’re posting it.