Can any supporters of Donald Trump explain why he would hire John McLaughlin, Eric Cantor’s former pollster? You know, the guy who didn’t see Cantor’s brutal 11-point loss to Dave Brat in the 2014 primary:

The Hill reports that Republicans have even warned against hiring McLaughlin after the Cantor debacle:

In June 2014, Republicans warned candidates against hiring McLaughlin, who incorrectly predicted that former House Republican Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was ahead by a large margin shortly before his stunning primary loss.

Back then, McLaughlin had said before the primary that Cantor was up by 34 points:

A baffling choice, to say the least:

As for Trump’s chances in New York, recent history is against him:

McLaughlin will be the second pollster hired by the Trump campaign, joining  Tony Fabrizio who was brought on in May: