The Daily Mail reports that migrants set fire to a refugee camp in Dusseldorf, Germany on Tuesday after staff failed to wake-up those observing Ramadan in time for breakfast:

According to the Daily Mail, tensions were running high in the center over when meals would be served to the Ramadan holiday:

Witnesses reported that there had been recurring tensions between followers of different religions in the Red Cross-run facility.

‘During this time of Ramadan, there was one group that wanted to strictly observe the fast, and another that insisted on the usual timetables and usual servings,’ said Ralf Herrenbrueck, spokesman for the prosecutors service.

Here’s the aftermath:


The two men reportedly responsible for the blaze have been arrested:

Earlier this month, police arrested 3 Syrians suspected of planning an ISIS-style suicide attack in  #Düsseldorf:

When will Europe wake up?


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