Harsh words for Donald Trump from Hugh Hewitt this morning with the conservative radio host declaring the GOP dead and suggesting it’s time for the GOP to think about finding a new nominee to take on Trump at the convention:

Update 10:27: Red State has the audio.

Update 10:24 from Mediaite:

Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Says GOP Should Change Convention Rules to Dump Trump

If you remember back in February, Hugh Hewitt made the case for Donald Trump as the nominee citing the potential loss of conservatives on the Supreme Court. “Period. Full stop,” he wrote at the time:

However, it’s hard to see how Republicans, if they did replace Trump at the convention, could ever convince enough of Trump’s voters to show up on election day to beat Hillary Clinton and protect the court.

So, has Trump lost Hewitt?

Not quite yet:

Hewitt did offer Trump some advice to try to turn things around before the convention:

But even Hewitt agrees this still makes Trump a long-shot:

Do you think that will turn things around for Trump?