Another day, another Donald Trump early morning Twitter spat, this time targeting MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

We assume Trump was responding to Scarborough’s call for Republicans to pull their endorsements off the table — “Art of the Deal” style — until the GOP nominee changes his ways:

Scarborough responded by saying that according to Trump’s own standards, he’s “not a real American” because his mother was “a foreigner” (she was born in Scotland and emigrated to America):

Flashback. We’re so old we remember when Joe and Mike were “supporters”:

Sad! It’s always hard to watch a divorce battle waged in public like this:

Scarborough then went on to congratulate his team on the show’s ratings, excluding Fox News of course because “Fox & Friends” is actually the No. 1 show it that time slot:

More from the former Florida congressman, including Paul Simon lyrics!

Quoting Paul Simon to Trump will surely do the trick.