Health and science reporter Rebecca Robbins’ coverage of Newt Gingrich’s speech at the BIO2016 conference in California triggered a small earthquake on Twitter Wednesday.

It looks like Trump’s big victory speech Tuesday night — cautiously delivered via teleprompter — didn’t quite put supporter Gingrich at ease.

“Absurd amateur”? Ouch.

More from Gingrich:

But not everything Gingrich had to say about his chosen candidate was negative. (Think about that for a second.)

Gingrich responded by claiming he’s being misquoted, and he actually called Trump a “gifted amateur,” or at the very least suggested it.

So, Newt didn’t slime Trump just a little bit? Robbins responded by posting the transcript — which has Gingrich saying “absurd amateur,” but in the nicest way possible.

One thing’s certain in politics: regardless of context, a comment like that is going to make the rounds.

Many thought Gingrich had already torpedoed any chance at a VP slot when he took Trump to task on air over his comments about the “Mexican” judge overseeing the Trump University case. But he’s 100 percent behind Trump — we think.