Cancel the BOLO!

24-year-old Texas teacher Alexandria Vera has turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest in connection with an alleged sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student:

According to reports, Vera was impregnated by the boy and later had an abortion. From Channel KPRC 2 in Houston:

Vera told investigators that the relationship with the student grew, and they continued to have sex and spend time together. According to court reports, Vera said she got pregnant with the student’s baby in January. She told the officer that the student’s family was told about the pregnancy and that they were supportive and excited about the baby, prosecutors said.

Court documents said Vera had an abortion because she got nervous when Child Protective Services showed up at school in February to question her and the student about their relationship. The DA’s office said Vera denied the relationship then.

Social media has been abuzz all day with photographs of the teacher for some strange, inexplicable reason:

The story gets a little strange as it sounds like the boy’s parents approved of the relationship, at least for a time: