As you’ve probably heard by now, a 400-pound gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed by officials at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday to protect a young boy who had somehow fallen into the exhibit’s moat.

According to a witness quoted in the Daily Mail, the kid just wanted to get in the water:

The small child said he wanted to get in the water before the incident, to which the mother, who was also watching several other children, replied: ‘No, you’re not, no, you’re not,’ according to one witness Kim O’Connor.

Well, mission accomplished.

Video shared to social media of the accident shows the endangered ape dragging the kid through the water for a reported 10 minutes before the zoo security team took action:

Many blame the mom for the gorilla’s death:

PETA, however, blames the zoo for not securing the enclosure:

Both are fair criticisms.

But are you ready for the hottest of hot-takes? Here’s singer Isa Ibn on why he thinks Harambe had to die:

Other than the fact that Harambe was born born at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas and the kid who fell in the moat was black, this tweet nails it!

Ibn now realizes the 4-year-old was black, but why ruin a good tweet?

But why should fact matter now?