Liberals love to say the Republican party wages a war on women. We’ve heard that like a bajillion times before.

But what will they say now that one of their heroes is being accused of beating his wife?

Earlier today, documents from the divorce between anti-Trump Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard leaked online, including photos of alleged injuries and an accusation that movie star hit is wife in the face with a cellphone:

And a judge has granted Heard a temporary restraining order due to the allegations:

Just last week Depp was a liberal darling for a stupid parody video he did of Donald Trump for “Funny or Die.” For example, Ellen DeGeneres declared the alleged wife beater “the coolest” for his portrayal of the GOP nominee:

Salon liked the performance, too:

As did People:

And Us magazine:

The pro-women Pink News, too:

You get the point. Now let’s see these same outlets rightfully dump on their golden boy.