President Obama decided to take a few questions before his “working dinner” with fellow G7 members in Japan today, but not EVERY question, of course:

So he won’t take questions on his former cabinet official who is under FBI investigation, but he did take a moment to slam Donald Trump as being more interested in tweeting as well as suggesting the NYC businessman is “rattling” world leaders:

Says the golfer-in-chief:

President Obama was also quick to bash the presumptive nominee in a private conversation with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi overheard in part by a Politico reporter:

The president appeared to have more specifics to share in private. A reporter overheard snippets of a conversation between Obama and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, with whom he has one of his closer relationships among world leaders, in which he heard the words “Trump,” and then “what his mistake wa s…,” but the reporter was unable to catch the rest.

What’s funny is that it’s Obama’s failure to act when his administration knew Hillary Clinton was breaking the rules (if not the law) with her private email server is one of the reasons Donald Trump is now ahead in the polls.


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