Nope, not a skit from Saturday Night Life. According to an article published on SNL Financial, Donald Trump met with Robert Murray,  CEO and founder of coal company Murray Energy, and apparently didn’t know that “LNG” is the acronym for “liquefied natural gas.”

From SNL Financial:

He said after his talk with Trump, he was convinced that he would surround himself with the right people who could advise him. He said that Trump was “all we got” and that Trump is “the horse to ride.”

“He’s got his head on right,” Murray said.

During the meeting, Murray said Trump had asked him about numerous facets of U.S. energy policy. At one point, Murray said he would suggest lifting obstacles to opening liquefied natural gas, or LNG, export facilities to reduce the supply gut of natural gas in the country.

He said that Trump was agreeable with the idea, but then had a question.

“What’s LNG?” Murray said Trump asked.

Why would a pro-Trump energy executive even admit that the guy he wants to defeat Hillary Clinton said something like this to a reporter in the first place?

Stop helping, guys.